How to organize files on your computer

Without any doubt, your system is a fantastic tool for you. It provides accessibility to the internet and storage for important documents and files. It also permits you to do as many tasks as you want. But, the cluster of data can make everything look messy, and you are in need of a bulk file organizer tool. These kinds of tools are also helpful in terms of organizing your files efficiently. The bulk file organizer provides convenience regarding the management of files in a short time. This particular article is about your files and how to organize them manually. But fortunately, one more effective method is available: EVERY FILE TOOL. Must take a look at its description as well.

Organizing files on your computer without any tool

  1. There are two categories of files present in your system. One is program files coming from installing the programs, and personal files are those you create by yourself. Personal files can be anything such as storing pictures, spreadsheets or any document. Following are the steps for organizing the files with no involvement of the tool or software:
    The first and foremost step is about determining the file types. It is better to categorize all your personal files and label them with documents, images, or sound files. Now, make the decision on how will you organize all of them. It can be according to the date when you create or the project’s name.
  2. Whatever format you adapt, always remain consistent with it. Never use the special characters as it is unacceptable by most systems. The “Windows Explorer” can help you search the flies in the Windows operating system, and it is easy to rename the files. There is also a possibility of grouping the files with respect to their file names.
  3. After naming all your personal files, keep them in the folders. You can create the folder by right-clicking on the screen and selecting “New” “Folder”. There must be simplicity and briefness in naming the folders. Don’t use abbreviations, as you can forget their representation anytime. So, create the folders on your own to organize all the files in such a way, so it is known to you. This is helpful so that the kind of files are easy to access whenever you find them. Put the document files in one folder, excel sheets in one and presentations in other.
  4. Later along with the establishment of the system, its maintenance is also very important. While creating the new file, save it in a suitable folder simultaneously. Sorting and organizing all the files on your computer is an ongoing process—these steps you can’t ignore at any cost. Also, save all your folders on your hard disk, mostly a C drive. There are a number of options available regarding the data backup, but the basic one is about organizing all your documents.

Organizing files on your computer by Every File Tool

As you see above, regarding organizing the files manually. Unfortunately, it is not applicable as a bulk file organizer. Here is the discussion about Every File Tool as the bulk file organizer tool that also helps manage the space in your hard disk. Before going through the procedures, take a look at the benefits and features offered by Every File Tool.

Benefits of using Every File Tool

  • Helps in managing all your files and documents. This includes more than 10 modes for the scan with the methods for the searches
  • Always deliver 100% accurate results in finding the files for you.
  • Very easy and straightforward to use. The whole layout of Every File Tool is extremely user-friendly.
  • The search of Every File Tool is highly effective that includes the preview for all kinds of files. There is also the involvement of your safety.

Features of Every File Tool

  • est suitable as a bulk file organizer
  • Always search for similar files as well
  • Operations present to apply on the files, such as deleting, copying, or moving them anywhere you want.
  • Feature of the individual file is about removing the files that are rarely in use by you. You can easily remove them to bring improvement to your system. It also helps in increasing the space in your hard disk.

There are two choices available in Every File Tool so that you can select any one of them according to your needs.

Basic organize

  •  You can add your file in the first step by browsing the folder in this option.


  • This step is about selecting every type of file or some particular one. So, here the customization is also available.

  • Now, it is time to start the scan. You can select whether to keep all the source files or move them to the new location.

Advance organize

  • There are more features in advance organized while comparing from the basic one. It shows the option of organizing the files according to date format, structuring them by date/time/year and date of creation/modification. These enable when you select the advance to organize.

  • Even the proper hierarchy is also available at the right corner.
  • Rest all the steps are similar to the basic one.

Final thoughts

The properly-organized computer is a pleasure to use. If you are familiar with your desired file, it is very easy to finish all your tasks. But, managing, handling and organizing all the files regularly is impossible by humans. Manually, there is no chance to handle the files in bulk quantity. Of course, this is very much tiring as well as frustrating. So, you need to choose the famous bulk file to organize the Every File Tool tool. This is the proper system for managing all your files and folders. Now, no more sitting on your system for hours. Download Every File Tool today as your bulk file organizer.