Smart Ways Of Moving /Copying Files

Copying and moving the files from one folder to another is an ongoing task. As humans, we are always in search of shortcuts to complete our work as soon as possible. If you are reading this article, then surely you are entirely tired of managing your files in terms of coping and transferring them to another folder. This shows that your system is messy as well. All the files of your system are piling up in your folder of “Downloads”. Luckily, now in this technological era, efficient tools are available whether you are bulk moving files or bulk copying file from one location to another. This article is specifically about bulk moving file to Windows 11 and other operating systems by yourself. There is also a description regarding the useful tool “EVERY FILE TOOL” and how efficiently it works for you.

Some ways to copy or moving of the files from one location to another manually

1) Drag and drop method

This method is quite simple as you can easily move your file just by dragging from its original location and dropping it in the destination folder. Or you can place it on the desktop as well. To apply this method, you need to follow the below steps very carefully:

  • Simply right-click on your folder and select the option of “Move or Copy”.  Then, the window appears on your screen.
  • Keep scrolling down to look for your folder when you want to move your files
  • The filling of the corresponding circle is the indication of the folder selection
  • Now click on “Copy” or “Move” according to your own choice
  • Even these steps are applicable for bulk moving file and bulk copying file.
  • In bulk moving Window 11, you need to hold the SHIFT key for the items you require. For selecting the different items, keep holding the CTRL key and start the selection.
  • In the right corner of the screen, click on “ellipsis (—-)” for opening the window of “Move or Copy”

4) Using of Cut, Copy and Paste

There is also the possibility of moving and copying the files from the clipboard by Cut, Copy and Paste. It is exactly similar to the cutting, copying, and pasting of the text. For using this technique, you need to use the short-cut keys properly to receive accurate results. Now take a look at them below:

  • Immediately after the opening of the file explorer, press Windows+E for the navigation of the file you are looking to copy.
  • Select the files you are looking to copy. You can do this in two ways by selecting the option of “Copy” from the File menu or using the keyboard keys “CTRL+C”
  • Now all selected files are on the clipboard
  • Click on “Cut” option from the File menu or press “CTRL+X”
  • After navigating the files from the directory, click on the “PASTE” visible on the tab of “HOME” or even use “CTRL+V”.
  • These are dependent on copying and moving all your files accordingly.

You can even group them according to the name, type, size, and date of modifying the file.

Moving and copying of the files on your computer from Every File Tool

The overhead details show about copying and moving of the files using the short-cut keys or dragging/dropping. But how you will handle them while managing the bulk moving file from the computer? Even, a single mistake can disturb your whole task. Yes, you need to realize is that these tasks are not easy as it seems to be. It is nearly impossible to manage the bulk moving file Windows 11 user or any other. This is not only time-consuming but as well as it requires a lot of attention. So, the probability of error and mismanagement is extremely high. Here, arises the need for a tool that is always ready to deliver highly accurate results and works efficiently. The name of the tool is Every File Tool. Check out the characteristics and advantages of using the Every File tool.

Advantages of using Every File Tool

  • Managing the files perfectly by the removal of the same files and extending the space of the hard disk.
  • You can add the folder or drive just in a few seconds
  • Operations for the file are available in Every File Tool so you can select them according to your requirements.

The presence of the organizer brings arrangement in the data that is dependent on the type of the files.

Characteristics of Every File Tool

  • Helps in searching the files in a short time and always show the highly accurate results
  • It is extremely simple to use no matter you are a basic user or from technical staff
  • The whole layout of Every File Tool is user-friendly
  • Every File Tool is the most appropriate selection for the bulk moving file
  • Availability of the previews regardless of the file type to bring effectiveness in the search results

There are three main file operations present in Every File Tool: Move, Copy and Delete.

1) The first step is the selection regarding any of the file operations.

2) Now select the folder on which you have to apply the file operation.

3) You can select the “Everything” option for including all types of the files. So, you can perform the operation of your own choice.

4) The second option is of “Custom Selection”. Here, the customization is available for selecting the file type according to the priority of your task. It can be image, audio, video, documents, and archive. This selection is particularly for specific type of file to apply move, copy and delete operation on it.


5) After entering the output path, you can proceed with the scan process. In this final step, your selected file operation also begins.

Final thoughts

You must see the moving and copying file as very easy tasks. But it isn’t simple as it seems to be. For bulk copying file and bulk moving file, Every File Tool is the perfect choice for managing all your activities with delivering accurate results every time. No matter what operating system you have, the features of Every File Tool are suitable in terms of organizing, copying, and moving all the files. Now, no more worries regarding the folders and sub-folders. Hand over all your tasks to Every File Tool and stay relaxed without any worries regarding the errors.