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How To Batch Resize Images in Corel Draw?

Do you know uploading pictures without resizing them reduces the uploading speed of your website? You can lose 97% of potential users if your website takes over 2 seconds to download the images. Image optimization and resizing are no more a headache! There is a solution! You can use image resize tools to optimize images as per your desire. It automatically adjusts or applies the effects and resizes the images. Corel Draw speeds up the process of applying multiple effects simultaneously in bulk form. It drastically increases the page uploading speed. 

Read this guide to get a step-by-step approach to batch resizing images with Corel Draw. Install Corel Draw on your PC to run the files. Modify settings to quickly bulk image resize for a faster post-processing workflow.

What is Corel Draw?

Corel Draw is a powerful vector editor graphic tool that is used to edit two-dimensional images, logos, posters, flexes, brochures, invitation cards, etc. It offers numerous features to add special effects, contrast adjustment, colour balancing, and boundaries to all images. The users can run this software with multiple layers and multiple pages. Start 15 days free trial to bulk resize images before buying this software. 



  • User-friendly GU interface
  • Powerful live sketch tool
  • Support Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Provide support to businesses of all sizes
  • Affordable pricing for users

Steps to batch resize images with Corel Draw

Let’s follow these simple steps.

Step # 1: Open the batch processor

Click on ‘’File > Batch Process’’, and it will launch the batch processor. Now click on the ‘’Add File’’ option and start browsing images that you want to resize with this software. It also allows adding files in multiple locations. Click on the ‘’Add Files’’ option. It will help to browse images to different locations. 

Step # 2: Create scripts

It is important to mention that Corel PHOTO_PAINT does not ship scripts. Hence, you have to create scripts first. Click on the ‘’Add Script’’ option. Click on the ‘’Save to Folder’’ option once you have added all scripts. Now select the ‘’Save as Type’’ option and finally click on the ‘’Play’’ option.

For example, you can add Adjust > Auto Adjust, then Image > Convert to Grayscale, and finally Effects > Creative > Frame script for your images.

Step # 3: Create objects

Open the image folder, drag the pictures, and drop all the images into PHOTO-PAINT. Use the ‘’Objects Pick tool (O)’’ to resize and reposition all the images. Select the ‘’Text too’’ to add your desired text to images. You can also change the order of images from the ‘’ Object Manager’’. 

Step # 4: Upload images

Once you have resized all the images, you can upload them anywhere. Upload all the images on Facebook, Instagram, or social media sites. The smaller the size of the images, the less time it will take for uploading. k

Use PicMagic Resizer to batch resize images

PicMagic Resizer is a powerful image editing tool to resize, rename, rotate, and flip bulk images instantly. It has a user-friendly interface to process the bulk of images without sacrificing the quality, size, and dimension of the images. 

compress & resize mages


  • Offer quick image resize, rename, flip, and rotate features
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and XP
  • Easy to download
  • Available for purchase at affordable rates
  • Available in dark and light mode
  • A user-friendly interface

Steps to resize images with PicMagic Resizer

  • Firstly, identify all the images and files you want to resize without affecting the quality.
  • Select different dimensions including width, height, and angles of the images.
  • Now add file names to the selected images. You can add a suffix, prefix, or replace the file name with this tool.
  • Change the orientation of the images into horizontal or vertical directions.
  • The users can also rotate the images according to the layout of the website.
  • Select output folders to outsource images by names or shortcuts.
  • Click on the ‘’Start Action’’ option to get instant results without compromising the quality of images. 

The Bottom Line

Corel Draw is a potent image resize tool to edit the bulk of images without compromising the quality of pictures. The users can batch resize the bulk of images via the above-mentioned steps. It has a simple and user-friendly interface to optimize images as per your desire. Alternatively, you can rely on PicMagic Resizer to get similar results. PicMagic Resizer is easily available to download for free use. Moreover, the users can also buy it at the best prices to get high-quality results.

Do you have a bulk of images to resize? Use PicMagic Resizer to get the highest quality images without sacrificing the size and dimensions. Let us know in the comment section. We love to hear from our users to improve the user experience.