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Image Compression

Image Compression

PicMagic Tools reduces your image size in bulk with the best quality. It can compress multiple JPEG, PNG, GIF and Raw images at optimal efficiency while maintaining image quality. You can compress images by using recommended settings or manually adjust the compress ratio. You can either choose the folder or select certain images from different folders.

Step 1: Start the PicMagic Tools and click on “Image Compression” from the left listed menu (on its first start its been by default selected).

Image Compression: select image compressionStep 2: Select the images by adding the folder of images or select images from different folders.

Image Compression: import imagesAll images in the list are selected by default. If you want to skip some images from compression then unchecked those images from the list.

Image Compression: skip images

You can also preview the photos by clicking on them one by one. It will show the images on the right side of the list in “Image Preview”.

Image Compression: preview image

Step 3: Now you can choose from the given two options;

  • Lossless Compression (It is our fix recommended compression)
  • Adjustable Compression (You can change the compression ratio)

Image Compression: choose compression function

Step 4: After that choose the destination folder by clicking on the “Browse” button.

Image Compression: choose destination folder

You can also create a new folder through it.

Image Compression: create new destination folder

Step 5: Now click on the “Process” button on the bottom on the right corner. It will start the process.

Image Compression: start compression process

The process takes some time for completion.

Image Compression: process images

After completion, you can see the images new size in the “New Size” column and the images saved in the destination folder that you selected.

Image Compression: images new size