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File Cleaner > Big Files

This is one of the best and cool features of EFT. With this feature, you can clean big files of any size in a moment.

Step 1: Click on “File Cleaner“. Then, click ” Find Big files

Step 2: Click “Add” to add a folder.

Step 3: Add the desired size in Bytes, KBs, Mbs, and GBs. for example 10 MB.

It will extract files greater than or equal to 10 MB.

Step 4: Hit “Start Scan” to begin scanning and extracting files.

Step 5: Now, select files by clicking checkboxes one-by-one or by selecting all. Then, click on “Select Action” to Copy, Move or Delete selected files.

You can also Export Results by Clicking “Export Results” to CSV or an HTML file.